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Is your company in need of a nutrition expert but can’t afford to hire someone as part of the staff?  As a consultant, Heather is available to work with your company to provide nutrition expertise when and where you need it. She is known for helping companies spice up their marketing materials, providing innovative ideas and recommendations and even act as the face for consumers and employees to get nutrition advice. The following are a few of the ways Heather can provide the nutrition expertise your company needs:

  • Research Highlights- help companies understand the science of nutrition and turn it into meaningful messages for their clients/consumers.
  • Grocery Store and Supermarkets consulting- food demos, education, health fairs, store tours, marketing, website writing, etc.
  • Restaurants and Food Chains - provide nutrition analysis for recipes, assistance in menu makeovers, nutrition facts information, etc.
  • Food, Beverage and Nutrition Supplement Manufacturers - new healthy product ideas, assistance in recipe modification, writing, ingredient research and nutrition trends.
  • Worksite Wellness - Newsletters, blogging, tweeting, videos, podcasts or other nutrition communication for employees and clients.

Click on Healthcare to learn more about how Heather can provide consulting services to your facility.

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Spokesperson Heather is proud to be a national media spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.


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